Linen is a natural, simple fabric, caring for it is simple too. Linen actually becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash.

Below are some basic guidelines to help keep your stonewashed linen bedding looking beautiful for years to come. However, please remember to always check the product label as care instructions may vary between items, based on the unique construction of each fabric.

The majority of linen products can absolutely be machine washed and of course, hand washed if you so desire.


Please wash your linen bedding on your machine’s gentle cycle to help protect it’s beautiful, natural fiber. Try not to overcrowd the washing machine with too many items at once. Your bedding should be able to move around freely in the machine. Please avoid washing your linens alongside heavy items, such as jeans or towels.

Always wash your linen bedding in lukewarm water -  a temperature of 40 degrees C for dark colors and 60 degrees C for light colors. 

Fabric softener is not required - but not forbidden - to be used on our linen products. Linen is a beautiful, natural fabric which softens dramatically over time.

Air drying is best for longevity, although it can sometimes leave the linen feeling a bit stiff. For this reason, we recommend a combination of air and machine drying.  Put the linen bedding in the dryer for about 10 -  20 minutes, on low to medium heat. Remove the sheets from the dryer while they are still slightly damp. Hang or spread them out somewhere flat, to finish off the drying process.


There is no need to iron linen bedding at all - natural creases that give linen its relaxed, soft feel. However, if your bedding has become too wrinkly for your liking, feel free to iron, but do so while the fabric is still damp. Use a medium-hot iron on the steam setting.