about ÖÖKÜLM

ÖÖKÜLM, meaning in the Estonian language the NIGHT FROST, is a linen home textile brand of a small Northern European country called Estonia, a land where it is dusky and chilly half of the year. During the winter season, we have thick white snow covering the land, the days are short and the nights long and dark. The land where natures own color tones are blurry brownish and greenish, our sky is in different shades of grey, though we have occasional days of bright blue sky and yellow sun. We are a sea country, our sea is either green or stormy blueish grey.

Our human habitation is sparse, the population of just over 1 million, most of us just minding our own business, feeling more comfortable in rural areas than city noise. People listen to one another and pay attention, but rarely speak, no pointless conversations are initiated. Even to utter the words as I love you, is rare among Estonians, for love is more of an act than words.

We only use European linen fabrics that are sustainable and of high quality. Our choice of colors is as simple as possible and similar to the colors of the Estonian landscape. The product design follows the same goal of simplicity. Our products are not exclusive works of art, but rather form a fading background to the interior, for life being as hectic as it is anyway. Our homes should be quiet corners of relaxation and tranquility.
The products of ÖÖKÜLM are rather more Nordic than Scandinavian by design. Estonia is not a Scandinavian country, although one might have such an opinion. All ÖÖKÜLM products are practical, machine washable, last for years to come and matching every other product of ours.