Cotton Terry or Linen Waffle Weave Towels?


linased rätikud, linased vahvelrätikud saunalinad

Things you usually start looking to purchase for furnishing your first natural home are stylish and high-quality towels for the bathroom. But what fabric to choose, terry cloth or waffle weave, how thick, and what size towels to prefer? How to navigate this vast selection of towels is a challenge in itself. We will try to explain a bit what should be kept in mind, in addition to the beautiful appearance, so that the selected towels are of sufficient quality and last ten or more years if they are well cared for.

linane saunalina, linane vannilina, vahvelrätik

Cotton vs. linen towel 

The vast majority of towels in use are cotton terry cloth towels. For those who prefer a thick and warm bath towel, thick cotton terry cloth towels are a perfect choice. The longer and looser the yarn loops of a towel are, the softer the towel is and the better it dries. Linen or linen-cotton towels are also becoming more and more popular. If a thick terry cloth towel dries for a long time, the linen towels are usually thinner, so they dry faster and do not get rancid.

If you only use bath towels or towels at home, it doesn't matter how big it is. However, if you take a towel with you to a workout or the beach, for example, linen waffle weave towels are always better because they are lighter in weight and do not take up as much space in a sports or beach bag as thick terry cloth towels. And as mentioned above, linen waffle weave towels dry much faster and are ready for the next use sooner.

Skin-and environment-friendly linen material 

It is a well-known fact that linen is less allergenic and a more body-friendly material than cotton. Linen waffle weave towels of Öökülm are made of European linen fiber, dyed and manufactured without toxic chemicals, and are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. If, in addition to your well-being, the well-being of the planet Earth is also important for you, it is worth bearing in mind that flax grows in Europe, but cotton must be imported from India or Pakistan, for which it is never certain that the cotton plantation there has not used unethical techniques, such as child labor. There is no such fear for raw materials of European origin. Also, the production of linen fabric does not cause significant environmental pollution due to transport, as the materials do not need to be transported from one end of the globe to the other. In other words, the ecological footprint of European linen waffle weave towels is, in any case, many times smaller than that of any cotton terry cloth.

linane rätik, linane saunalina, vannilinad

Linen bath towels are usually larger than cotton towels

If you want a nice, big enough sauna towel that would cover all the strategic areas but also looks beautiful, then waffle weave towels of Öökülm are a good choice. The width of the towel is almost a meter and a half, and the length is a meter - so even larger people can wrap themselves in them without worries. It is often a problem with cotton terry cloth towels that those sold in shops are too small for the people of the Nordic countries.

The linen waffle weave towel can also have other functions

All kinds of waffle weave upholstery fabrics with a pattern reminiscent of a large honeycomb, both cotton, and linen, are now very trendy beyond the bathroom. As the linen towels of Öökülm are large enough, they can also be used successfully as a sofa or bed cover, as a plaid when sitting in the garden on a summer evening, or even as a baby blanket. There are more useful features than mentioned here.

Easy to care for

The waffle weave towels of Öökülm are made of a blended fabric of cotton and linen-cotton for warp yarn and linen for woven yarn. In this way, the towels are guaranteed to be extremely durable, soft, and absorbent. Towel care is easy - normal machine wash at up to 60C. Towels can also be spun at medium speed, drying in the drier at medium temperature is allowed, and ironing can be forgotten.