When Scandinavian Minimalism meets Bohemian Eclectic Design on Monochrome Color Palette

At the first sight you probably think that nothing can be so far from each other than well organized, clearly and brightly decorated Scandinavian style interior and randomly placed, unique, vintage and ethnic Bohemian eclectic design objects in the same place. But the thing is, these two styles have much more common than what it seems – light background (more straightly – pure white walls everywhere), lots of natural materials, wooden furniture, green plants. When Scandinavian minimalist style feels sometimes a little bit cold and simple, then Bohemian design vibe adds a warmer, cozier real-life touch into space.

It is good to stay in the middle of the road and white walls are a good starting point. Choosing furniture, textiles and decorative objects, start with neutral and natural, a little bit raw and rough textures but surely stay on same, for example, coherent monochrome color palette and avoid to chunk too many different colors. Bohemian style rugs, plant holders, baskets and ceramics on the same color scheme are very welcome, but their placement is carefully considered Scandinavian design way.

And finally - go green, go eco-friendly! Add a lot of different plants. Ficus, palms and other plants with big leaves are perfect, also huge dried straws and branches play an important role in Scandi Boho Style interior.

For more ideas and inspiration about Scandi boho home decor feel free and click here.

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1. A huge soft formed white stone-like bath and basin combines perfectly with industrial chic gunmetal black bathroom taps. By COCOON

2. A little bit crinkled stonewashed linen bedding in different monochrome shades follows both timeless simplicities of Scandinavian design and easy-going bohemian lifestyle vibe as well. By ÖÖKÜLM

3.Handmade colored porcelain bowls and large plates by NUUD Ceramics

4.100% organic and natural coconut shell bowl and rosewood spoon, hand made in Bali, Indonesia. Available online (and sometimes off-line) by HUNTERIOR

5. These inexpensive, natural white paper lightings can easily to find almost from everywhere. If they are many and hanged up an artistic way, they work very well in Scandi Boho Style interior. Photo by The Noguchi Museum

6. Even breadstuff and sweets can follow the same monochrome Scandi Boho style. Available in cafes and shops in Estonia, also online. By MUSTMAKROON

7. Add some piece of art, prints, and posters. By Tove Frank