Stonewashed linen cushions pale pink

pale pink stonewashed linen cushion 45 x 45 cm / 18 x 18 inches

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Soft, pale pink stonewashed linen cushions with beautifully handcrafted darts suit perfectly to your living room sofa, to your bedroom decor, to the day bed, for a garden bench or any corner in a home you put one in. Softened linen cushions are a little bit rumpled-look for a cushy, homey feel. Cozy up your home with many different color linen cushions as we have them in different shades to match the mood of any room. Available just a linen cushion cover separately or with an inner cushion. 

Cushion covers include a discreet zipper closure.

Size: 45 x 45 cm / 18 x 18 inches (both cushion cover and inner cushion)

Pink linen cushions are made of the finest quality European 100% linen fabric. Pink cushion covers are machine washable by 40 or 60 degrees C, tumble drying is allowed at medium temperature. If you prefer a very smooth look or cushion covers has become too wrinkly for your liking, use a medium-hot iron on the steam setting.

Inner cushions are made of polyester fiber, machine wash by 30 degrees C, tumble drying is not allowed.