Light gray linen duvet covers
Light gray stonewashed linen bedding - duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets
Light gray European linen bedding - duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets

stonewashed light gray linen duvet cover PILOT

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Stonewashed light gray linen duvet covers from collection PILOT are produced from the finest texture of the European 100%linen fabric, create a cozy, elegant and warm atmosphere and the clean design adds a simple, but beautiful touch to your bedroom. Handmade in Estonia.

The variously sized white linen duvet covers include a discreet zipper closure, that prevents the blanket from sliding out overnight and provide a good quality rest.

Sizes marked with an asterisk are made to order, so delivery may take up to two weeks.

From our shop, you can find the same color 100% linen pillowcases and flat sheets - it is a matter of taste as you wish to combine your linen bedding set - all items the same color or mix different colors as all the colors of collection PILOT match perfectly. All our linen duvets, pillowcases, and sheets are pre-washed for maximum softness and a slightly crumpled look.

Linen is widely known as the silk of the Nordic. It does not cause allergy, it is ecological, adjusts to human body temperature, during hot summer nights it keeps you cool and cozy through winters. Linen does not make a person sweat.  If you require some extra softness then wash it once at 60 degrees C and add a bit of softener. ÕÕKÜLM linen bedding may be ironed, but it is not a requirement by any means. This is a matter of taste. Should you desire an absolutely slick sheet you may use your domestic steam iron. 

For detailed care and washing instructions for linen bedding please click here